LEGO Universe unveils May contest schedule

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|05.03.11

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LEGO Universe unveils May contest schedule
May in LEGO Universe is all about faction pride, and as such, players are invited to participate in a host of exciting contests to demonstrate their factions' superiority. Well, that and win prizes. You can have your blocky cake and eat it in LEGO Universe!

The site has posted its May contest schedule for your edification:
  • All month: Join the community effort is underway to build the Nexus Tower via donations.
  • May 7-8: Race in the LEGO Grand Prix, which will take place at a soon-to-be revealed location.
  • May 14-15: Take aim and fire during the Shooting Gallery Showdown, where players will try to hit enemy ships and creatures in the water.
  • May 21-22: Submit your best faction screenshot for a shot at several prizes.
  • May 28-29: Unite with your faction in the Battle for Nimbus Station!
Take a gander at the contest details and the many, many goodies you can win over at LEGO Universe.
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