Android 2.3.3 leaks for G2x and myTouch 4G, gives us a taste of T-Mobile's Gingerbread future (video)

Zachary Lutz
Z. Lutz|05.05.11

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Android 2.3.3 leaks for G2x and myTouch 4G, gives us a taste of T-Mobile's Gingerbread future (video)
When LG's mighty G2x shipped with Froyo, it seemed like a paradoxical pairing to say the least. Of course, this news was softened by T-Mobile's announcement that its flagship phone would soon be transported to the land of Gingerbread, and we're now given a spicy preview. While this is by no means a final build, our friends at This is My Next have received LG's development copy of Android 2.3.3, and like you'd expect from any self-respecting techie, it's been installed and taken for a spin. In particular, scrolling and touch sensitivity were found to be significantly improved, with swipes to the screen responding as intended. In addition, the G2x scored better in the Quadrant test with the new OS version, jumping up more than 200 points. Whatever developers have sprinkled into this recipe sure is tasty.

If there's a T-Mobile myTouch 4G in your pocket, grab a fork and sit down for a Gingerbread sampling. Even though it's not quite fully baked, the folks at 911Sniper have released a development version which hints at what's to come. Most notably, users will appreciate a new Quick Settings tab that's accessible from the pull-down notification area, providing an easy way to control which of the phone's radios are active. While many report getting along just fine with this build, others are experiencing problems with WiFi and overall stability. You'll find the recipe for this dessert by following the source link, and we have a video of it coming our of the oven after the break.

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