Tips and workarounds for the bugs and quirks on the patch 4.2 PTR

Matt Low
M. Low|05.05.11

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Tips and workarounds for the bugs and quirks on the patch 4.2 PTR
The 4.2 PTR is up and ready to be tested! There is a new daily quest hub along with a new raid. Unfortunately, the raid itself isn't ready to be tested quite yet. But before you go off trying to break things in this PTR build, I'd like to take a moment and get you prepared for a few things.

Things like:
  • Buggy mounts
  • Instant deaths
  • Crashing addons
There may be some spoilers (like the second quest), but read on if you're not going to be bothered by that too much.

Premades won't see the new stuff

If you want to check out the daily quests and the phased areas, I'd suggest not copying premade characters at all. It appears that premade characters are not able to progress at all because they have not done the opening Hyjal quest chains. You need to reclaim the area around Malorne's statue.

Speaking of quests, there seems to be a bug with the quest involving the killing of elementals. If you leave the immediate area and then enter it again, your mob kills may not count towards the required amount needed. I've had to restart that quest four times, and I know I'm getting my mobs tapped. I camp those spawn points and slam Shadow Word: Death the moment I can target them.

Mount madness

There appears to be a bug in certain areas where if you get on your mount (be it flying or ground), you'll automatically dismount. You'll need a little dexterity. As your mount castbar is about to reach the end, you need to jump. That little bit of lag right at the end should be enough to get you on your mount. It takes some practice, but you'll get it.

Speaking of mounts, I was on my Dark Phoenix just flying around. First, I'd like to say it has no new model yet. Second, I flew into the Stormwind cathedral and just died. At least the corpse run back wasn't so bad. It happened again when I was bringing my drake and touching down in Hyjal. Randomly died again. It is a difficult bug to reproduce.

Timing and workarounds

The raid instance isn't open yet. We should be seeing a schedule of testable encounters sometime soon.

It will take about five days to open up the next area. Once you finish the initial quests, you'll get access to some dailies that grant you a Mark of the World Tree. You need 20 to get through and unlock the next phase. The initial dailies only grant four marks in total.

If you experience problems actually launching the PTR client, try deleting your Interface and WTF folders and let the game refresh them for you. I had an issue in which my client would immediately crash before I could even see the opening cutscene, and that fixed it for me.

Interested in some PTR? Feel like chatting? You can find me on Anastarian.

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