Darkfall siege revisions, dungeon reworking, and more

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Darkfall siege revisions, dungeon reworking, and more
Aventurine has posted its most recent Darkfall activity report, and it covers quite a bit of ground.

The first highlight is on the studio's worldbuilder team and its recent work remaking dungeons and clan cities and testing a new lighting system which should allow you to see yourself getting ganked in a brand-new light (rimshot).

The art team, meanwhile, has completed numerous new assets including some truly towering trees, flags and banners, and ruins. On top of this, Darkfall players will have some new enemies to slay in the form of newly created monsters like the Imp. To finish this off, players will soon be able to pretty up their characters with the addition of fabulous new hairstyles.

The key piece of information offered is about the new siege system, which has been entirely revamped and is ready for testing.

For the full onslaught of information on all this and more -- including interactive map changes, blood spatter behavior (oh boy!) and racial/capital quests -- head on over to the full piece on Darkfall's official site.
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