Samsung's 75-inch D9500 3D TV announced for Korea, doubles as wind shield (updated)

3D is best served on a large plate, which is why Samsung's latest HDTV got us all dribbling over our TV munchies. This 75-inch platter, dubbed D9500, has stolen the short-lived crown off LG's 72-inch LZ9700 to become the world's largest LED-backlit 3D LCD HDTV, and obviously Samsung's still staying faithful to its active shutter 3D technology following its recent price drop on its glasses. The 240Hz display will also come with the usual Smart TV features, garnished by a QWERTY flip remote for your web-browsing and SNS needs on that large screen. Oddly enough, only an ex-factory price of a hefty ₩19,000,000 ($17,600) is quoted here, so customers will have to pay a bit more than that during the pre-sales at the end of the month. Alternatively, you can hold off your shopping spree until Samsung pushes out its 70-inch "Ultra Definition" 3DTV.

Update: A little birdie told us that this 3DTV will be making its way to the US in August, and will retail at around $13,000. Additionally, four premium active shutter glasses will be included. Thanks Anonymous!