PSA: 'Batman: Arkham City #1' prequel comic now available

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PSA: 'Batman: Arkham City #1' prequel comic now available
Writer Paul Dini tweets to remind us that the first issue of his Batman: Arkham City prequel comic is out today. The page-turner is conveniently available in digital format direct from DC Comics, or you can shuffle on down to the local comic shop and nab it for 3 bucks.

Initially set to be a six-parter, the miniseries appears to have been shaved down to five issues. Parts 2 and 3 are due next month, with the fourth issue slated for late July. The game will be released on October 18.

Dini, who first started ordering Batman around as a writer and producer for The Animated Series, also wrote the story lines for the two Rocksteady-developed games. He's assisted by Arkham City concept artist Carlos D'Anda, who drew all the pretty pictures for the new comic -- and colored them in too. Check out the full-size cover image of the first issue after the break.

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