FL Studio coming to iOS (unicorns, leprechauns, phat beats to follow)

Joseph L. Flatley
J. Flatley|05.12.11

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FL Studio coming to iOS (unicorns, leprechauns, phat beats to follow)
We thought it was an impossible dream, like world peace or a second season of My So Called Life, but we finally have the answer to the immortal question: "When will FL Studio be available on operating systems besides Windows?" The answer? "Soon." That's right -- FL Studio Mobile is coming to all of your favorite iOS devices, and all things considered, it looks pretty, pretty good. 128-track sequencer, step sequencer for individual MIDI clips, a mess of drum loops, reverb, delay, equalizer, amp, and filter effects... how can you find fault with that? And when you get back to your PC, your mobile project can be mixed down to wav, exported to MIDI, or the session file can be loaded right in the desktop version of the software. Not bad, eh? At the very least, it sounds like it will give GarageBand for the iPad a run for its money. Sadly, we don't have a street date for the app right this moment, but you can get a pretty good look at what's in store in the video after the break.

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