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Flash Player 10.3 hits Android with optimizations, bug fixes aplenty (update: desktops too)

It's been saying that it was coming "soon" since March, and Adobe has now finally delivered Flash Player 10.3 to compatible Android devices. As expected, it brings mostly bug fixes and optimizations, the biggest of which appears to be NEON optimizations for OMAP4 (or Cortex A-9) processors, which should be good news for BlackBerry PlayBook owners (and those that eventually get their hands on an Optimus 3D). Otherwise, you can expect to find the usual batch of security improvements, and a few fixes for specific problems on Galaxy S phones, the HTC Evo, and various Motorola devices.

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Update: Adobe's also now brought the desktop version of Flash Player 10.3 out of beta for Windows, Mac and Linux, and it's confirmed that the Android update does indeed include support for Android 3.1. Hit up the links below for the complete details.