Massively Exclusive: Two new TERA BAMs

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Massively Exclusive: Two new TERA BAMs
En Masse has provided Massively with exclusive information for its upcoming game TERA! Following hot on the heels of the reveals of the powerful Gula Bardragul and the gluttonous, food-centric Kumases, two new monsters enter the fray. But these aren't just any monsters -- these are some BAMs, and you do not want to be on their bad sides -- if they even have good ones.

To start, we have the fimbrilisks, which seem to be lumbering warmachines of creatures that leave nothing but death and destruction in their wake. So, in other words, pretty much par for the course for TERA's BAMs. Next up, we have the vampir retiarius, the fighting force of the vampir nobles. For the full information on these two new BAMs and some lovely pictures to illustrate the point, head on past the cut.

Ebonathis, Shadow Fimbrilisk

On a hilltop above Popolion, in the shadows of an abandoned manor, lurk the cruel and vicious
fimbrilisks. These beasts are so dangerous even the insane souls terrorizing the area give them wide berth. The strongest and most sinister of the fimbrilisks, Ebonathis battled its way to the alpha position, destroying not only its competitors but all living, and unliving, creatures in the way. Ebonathis holds court in a crumbling courtyard of old. Having beaten all rivals, the shadow fimbrilisk lays claim to prime real estate: the top of the hill, and the best of the kill.

Vampir Retiarius

For centuries, vampir nobles have employed a large retinue of staff, entertainers, and guards. The retiarius is the meld and evolution of all three. The first retiarius was a fisherman whose prowess with the trident so amused the nobles they elevated him and others to arena fight entertainers. When the vampirs began having conflicts with neighboring races, all competent fighters were used to guard and secure the manor houses and the vampir nobles within. Fearless and well-practiced in hand-to-hand combat, the retiarius made excellent defenders and continue in that role today.

So there you have it -- two new BAMs to kill and plunder to your heart's content. Be sure to check back in tomorrow for more information on one of these two new beasties and to find out what kind of madness you're going to be up against.
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