Nokia X7 and E6 hop an early flight to Germany for pre-order delights

If Nokia's X7 entertainment handset overwhelms you with a fluttery sensation, then you may consider grabbing one on pre-order, where it retails in Germany and Portugal for €459 and €489 respectively. Meanwhile, if the X7's 4-inch, 640 x 360 display has you begging for greater pixel density, then also up for reservation in Deutschland is Nokia's E6 QWERTY phone, featuring a 2.46-inch, 326ppi screen that goes toe-to-toe with Apple's Retina Display. While the display size isn't stellar, it's one way to measure the cost of a physical keyboard -- the other method is €429. Either way, if you're hoping to ride Symbian's wave to the very end, these two handsets will go kilometers toward actualizing that dream.

Update: Looks like pre-orders are also available in Italy. [Thanks, Simone]

[Thanks, Jack]