Xperia Acro hits FCC, globe-trotting Japanese rejoice

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Xperia Acro hits FCC, globe-trotting Japanese rejoice
Sony Xperia Arco
Why, hello there CDMA SOI11... or should we say, Xperia Acro. This Japanese flavor of the Arc, just hit the FCC with both GSM and CDMA radios in tow for our globe trotting friends across the Pacific. In addition to the EVDO Rev A. data capabilities the Acro adds NFC and a TV tuner to the mix, but otherwise it boasts the same specs as its bowed cousin -- Gingerbread, a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, and a 4.2-inch screen. The filing lists AU by KDDI as the carrier, so Verizon customers shouldn't get their hopes up for an Arc of their own just yet, but at least folks from The Land of the Rising Sun can continue to use their sexy new handset when they pop by the States for a visit.
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