Caption Contest: you shall not interrupt Gandalf's 3D viewing session

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|05.14.11

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Nobody likes being bothered while they're really getting into a movie, and as we all know you can't really get into a movie unless it's in 3D. Right? Sir Ian McKellen took things a step further, not only watching a screening of The Hobbit in the third dimension but doing it in character, and looking ever so slightly perturbed at having his viewing session interrupted by a rogue photographer. The guy in the back doesn't seem to mind, though.

Thomas: "Galadriel, is that new shampoo?"
Tim: "These glasses may be passive but I you may find me getting very aggressive if you use that flash one more time."
Brian: "I'll tell you what, you're making me Gandalf the Red right now."
Joe: "Would 'one standard to rule them all' be asking too much?"
Michael: "ZZ Top called, they want their roadie back"
Terrence: "Even Gandalf the Grey is powerless against the magic of these glasses which make any man look like a 90-year-old blind woman."
Richard Lai: "Ha, no 3D for that flaming cyclops in Mordor."
Darren: "One ring. Two Towers. 3Ds."
Christopher: "Sir Ian McKellen: the latest victim of Rick Rubin's Ambush Makeover."
Sean Buckley: "Confound it all, Samwise Gamgee. What have I told you about interrupting me during my stories?"
Josh Fruhlinger: "You know how they say 3D is bad for children? This dude is 14."
Myriam: "Yes, wizards get hangovers too. Are you happy now?"
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