YikeBike unveils less-expensive folding electric bike, Jackie Chan dons celebratory tuxedo

Our main complaint with the folding electric YikeBike -- besides the not-quite-catchy name – was the $3,795 price tag. The company's trying to ease the price pain with the Fusion, a new model that'll cost you $1,995. The savings come from replacing the carbon fiber body with aluminum and composites, which does, unfortunately, add about 6.6 pounds, pushing the total weight over 30 pounds. But that shouldn't hamper portability, and you'll still get six miles of travel on a single charge (or 12 miles with an optional battery backpack). YikeBike will sell the cheaper model through a network of distributors, allowing it to expand its customer base beyond the 250 bikes sold so far, to, among others, Google and Jackie Chan. So if you previously couldn't afford to follow in the kung fu master's tracks, well, now you have one less excuse.

[Thanks, Dan]