LG Revolution revisits FCC, reminisces the good times

The LG Revolution passed through the FCC's vigorous testing as the VS910 in March, but the device had so much fun it decided to take a second trip to the labs. Upon perusing the docs we learned that this version of the VS910 is a completely identical device, with the exception of some additional Mobile Hotspot modes and power reductions. The listed changes are mainly related to LTE, which hopefully means LG will have a solid battery comparable to the Droid Charge rather than the power-guzzling Thunderbolt. A second sweep through the FCC could be an indication that launch is close; given the recent history of delays on other LTE-equipped phones, however, forgive us if we're just a tad bit concerned about these changes occurring so close to the eleventh hour. If you're just as fond of digging through FCC documents as we are, head to the source links below.