Newest Engineering Report previews Season 4 of Star Trek Online

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|05.17.11

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Newest Engineering Report previews Season 4 of Star Trek Online
It's always exciting to be on the cusp of a new season, especially if you're a Star Trek Online fan. The latest Engineering Report has just gone live, bringing with it a promise that Season 4 will be up on the test server very soon, with a projected release in early July. That means a full revamp to ground combat, changing the game from the previous rather dull experience into a much more action-oriented affair. But the mechanics of fighting aren't the only thing that's changing -- enemies on the ground are also being overhauled, with HP scaling in a more tuned fashion.

There are also changes to Qo'nos for Klingon players, making the world feel more vibrant for starting characters. The update also sports the Duty Officer Roster for all captains to experience and a variety of other quality of life improvements. And as always, the report looks beyond the immediate future and into the distant future, taking aim at everything from changes to the outfit system to improved system maps for important regions of space. Star Trek Online players should take a look at the full report and check back in later this week as Captain's Log examines the changes in depth.
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