EQII's Georgeson talks GU60, low-level flying mounts

It's a pretty safe assumption that Sony Online Entertainment's MMO developers and its IT security staff are separate groups of people, and that begs the question of what EverQuest II's coders were doing during the recent 12-day downtime. Perhaps an impromptu vacation or some quality time with other games (or hobbies) was in the cards?

Not so, according to producer Dave "Smokejumper" Georgeson, who says that the team was hard at work on Game Update 60 (and 61). EQ2Wire's Feldon has a breakdown of various and sundry Smokejumper quotes gleaned from the official EQII forums, and there's a lot of ground to cover. Topics range from GU60 testing to update notes and updated abilities to potential flying mounts for lower-level players. "Also, the mysterious flying mount thing I promised to explain... well... I don't want to build it up too big, but it's aimed at lower-level characters also," Georgeson says. Hit up EQ2Wire for more details.