Square Enix unveils Final Fantasy XI Ultimate Collection: Abyssea Edition

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Square Enix unveils Final Fantasy XI Ultimate Collection: Abyssea Edition
Final Fantasy XI is one of the longest-running MMORPGs still going strong, weighing in at nine years of ongoing adventures in Vana'diel. Now, in the interest of drawing even more adventurers into the fray, Square Enix is releasing the Final Fantasy XI Ultimate Collection: Abyssea Edition. For the price of $19.99, players get the original Final Fantasy XI, all four expansion packs to date, and all add-on packs such as A Shantotto Ascension and the new content introduced in Vision of Abyssea, Scars of Abyssea, and Heroes of Abyssea.

If this sounds like a sweet deal to you, just slow down for just a minute and hold your Chocobos. Final Fantasy XI is also renowned for its rather steep leveling curve, so in order to ease new (or returning) players into the grind, Square is including in the Ultimate Collection the in-game item Destrier Beret, which provides a multitude of buffs for the aspiring adventurer, including HP and MP regeneration, boosted experience gains, and even an auto-resurrect for when things go awry. So if you're looking to step into the shoes of an incredibly adorable Tarutaru (or, you know, any of those others), just hop and skip your way on over to the official Final Fantasy XI site.
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