Sony shows off, folds up super flexible organic TFT display

E-reader manufacturers are doing their darnedest to get their devices to behave more like the old fashioned books we've all since abandoned, but we won't be happy until we can roll one up and stuff it in our back pockets, paperback-style. Sony's working hard to make that dream a reality -- the company showed off some new bendable display technology behind closed doors at last week's SID conference in LA, including a color unit and the extremely flexible black and white e-paper display seen above, which can be bent to a 5mm curvature radius. The 13.3-inch sheet has a 1,600 x 1,200 (150ppi) resolution and is powered by organic TFTs. Sony showed off and bent the thing at the show, reportedly to the cheers of the crowd in attendance. Clearly they're all as excited as we are to make some really expensive e-paper airplanes. For more shots of the bending process, consult the source link below.