Seeeduino ADK lets you build Android accessories on the cheap

Not interested in forking over the $400 required for one of Google's recommended Android Open Accessory development kits? Well, then it looks like you now have another considerably cheaper option courtesy of Shenzhen's own Seeed Studio. It's now offering what it's dubbed a "Seeeduino ADK" board for a mere $80, which it says is fully compatible with Google's ADK, and includes all the basics you need to start building your own Android accessories. You won't be able to start building those just yet, however, as Seeed Studio says the board will only start shipping on June 20th. You can still get your order in right now at the link below, though.

[Thanks, Ian]

Update: Not surprisingly, this won't be the only low-cost option. We've already seen some DIY alternatives at the Maker Fair this past weekend that could well result in even more affordable ADK-compatible boards popping up.