Windows Phone Mango augmented reality hands-on

Tim Stevens
T. Stevens|05.24.11

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Windows Phone Mango augmented reality hands-on
We're still waiting to get our first big bite of the full Mango experience after this morning's liveblog, but we were able to get a quick hands-on with a few of the apps making use of the operating system's new features. Chief among them is the History Channel app, which is making use of the augmented reality features that have been enabled. Using the internal gyro and accelerometer the device was able to overlay landmarks, which with a tap can be added to the phones home screen -- you know, in case you really want to know what's up at the Brooklyn Bridge. We also got a look at the updated Weather Channel app, which will not identify cloud types using any augmented reality trickery, but will give you quick and easy access to what's up -- and about to start falling. Check out the pics below, and get ready for a video after the break.

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