Faxion Online launch-day roundup

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Faxion Online launch-day roundup
Heaven or Hell! Let's rock! UTV Ignition Games' Faxion Online is going live today, pitting the celestial forces of Heaven against the diabolical ranks of Hell in a struggle for supremacy over the realm of Limbo. If you're thinking about joining this divine war, then we're here to help. We've compiled a list of the best Faxion articles Massively has to offer for your perusal in hopes of giving you a bit of a leg up on the competition before you swear allegiance to your faction of choice.

So secure your halos and horns and jump on past the cut for Massively's Faxion roundup, and should you exhaust the list, remember that there's more to be had in Massively's Faxion archives.
Irreverent confession: An interview with Faxion Online's UTV True Games
You're dead -- so sorry, chap! Fortunately, that doesn't mean your gaming adventures are over. On the contrary, according to Faxion Online, they've just begun. In the world of Limbo, players are pulled between the forces of heaven and hell as they fight each other through the physical manifestations of the seven deadly sins.
Explore Faxion Online's seven deadly sins
Does the angel on your right shoulder take a lot of union-approved time off, so much so that you end up listening to the devil on your left shoulder more often than not? Then Faxion Online has a temptation that's right up your alley -- seven sinful zones, each revolving around one of the classic seven deadly sins.
Massively's first look at Faxion Online
As I ran through the different areas of Faxion Online with one of the developers, I scribbled my notes down on the tiny notepad. Then I stuck the notes to my computer monitor for later reference. I also took screenshots (not the ones you see in this article -- these were supplied by UTV True Games, the developer behind Faxion) and later used them to try to remember how I felt during the walkthrough. While writing, I looked down at my Post-Its and saw three key words: optimization, stylized graphics, and gross fat guy.
Faxion Online sends traditional MMO classes straight to hell
It's rare that an MMO laces its world design, gameplay, and lore with humor, but UTV True Games' Faxion Online is doing just that. It's a good thing too, as anything other than a tongue-firmly-in-cheek approach to religion in the public arena can be a recipe for commercial disaster.
New Faxion trailer reveals combat details and status effects
The combat in Faxion Online is shaping up to be a cut above the MMORPG norm according to a press release and a new video from UTV True Games. The free-to-play firm has just detailed Faxion's fighting system and is touting numerous visual cues and effects that help the player unleash hell on his enemies.
Faxion Online delivers the ten commandments of PvP
If you fancy yourself a PvPer, Faxion Online's newly released Ten Commandments of PvP is worth a read. Even if you're not, the list will no doubt provide a chuckle or two in what appears to be the latest evidence that the free-to-play fantasy title will deliver its MMO conventions with tongue planted firmly in cheek.
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