Nokia E6 available to pre-order in UK, still on track for June release

The pre-ordering frenzy already began for the Nokia E6 in other parts of Europe, but the baton finally landed in the hands of UK Symbian enthusiasts. The sleek and sexy portrait QWERTY is up for grabs SIM-free on the official site for £349. We imagine this may not be enough to entice the average Joe, but then again, any folks interested in doing a pre-order have likely been eyeing this device for quite some time now. We can understand the intrigue, as this is an ideal upgrade for E71 or E72 owners: it's the same overall design, but adds Symbian Anna and a 2.46-inch capacitive touchscreen that employs the same pixel density (326ppi) as the iPhone 4's Retina Display. If pre-orders aren't your style, we're expecting it to land in stores sometime near the end of June. But if you just have to be the first kiddo on the block to own an E6, move onward to the source link to start the pre-order.