Antares ATG-6 brings auto-tune to the guitar, can't retroactively save Lil' Wayne's SNL solo

Antares ain't the first company to provide individual control to each string on a guitar (hello, Roland!), but the outfit's new ATG-6 technology takes things one step closer to being acceptable by the mainstream. Rather than forcing users to process separate string signals via an external device, this here rendition aims to tuck everything within the body. In the demo just past the break, a Seymour Duncan HEX pickup is used, and while it's connected via a MIDI cable, it's most certainly not a MIDI guitar -- that's strictly used for control. It's also worth pointing out a key quote from Antares product manager Max Mobley -- he's using a $99 guitar "with about $40,000 worth of technology inside of it," giving us the impression that this is nowhere near mass commercialization.

Rather than using auto-tune to utterly destroy the genuineness of music (and produce one of the most hilarious Bud Light commercials to date), these axes are hoping to provide legitimate guitarists with added functionality; things like flawless intonation and bolstered tonal flexibility. The system is reportedly capable of constantly monitoring the pitch of each individual string to ensure that every riff and lick is in tune, but it's smart enough to back off when you want to manually manipulate things. We're told to hang tight for more details, but for now, we'd invite you to have a glance at the company's current progress (and a brutal flashback from 2008) below.