Homebrew utility lets you backup Windows Phone on your terms

Zachary Lutz
Z. Lutz|05.31.11

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Homebrew utility lets you backup Windows Phone on your terms
Are you itching to find a manual backup solution for your Windows Phone? That's a tough one to scratch. Currently, the only way to fully protect your handset's data is to wait for Microsoft to issue new updates -- where backups are automatically created within Zune during install. Now, xda-developers member "hx4700 Killer" is eliminating those long waits with a homebrew solution that works directly with Zune by spoofing an update -- thereby triggering a backup. We're told everything on your phone gets saved, and you can even roll back to your prior software version. To do this you'll need a few things: Zune itself, Windows Phone Support Tools, an update package from any Windows Phone, and this killer utility. So, if you feel like doing the time warp again, hit the source article for the required downloads and some helpful instructions.
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