Nova Media's iCON 461 USB modem is unlocked for globe-trotting commitmentphobes

iCON 461 unlocked USB modem

Unlocked 3G modems aren't something you see everyday. Sure, Zoom has been hawking the dongles for some time, but they're primarily of the tri-band variety -- Nova Media's iCON 461 does those one better by going quad-band and throwing in GPS for good measure. The globe-trotting "3G surfstick" supports 7.2Mbps HSPA on the 850, 900,1900, and 2100 bands (that would include AT&T here in the ol' US of A) and can handle EDGE at 850, 900, 1800, and 1900MHz (hello, T-Mo). In addition to a slot for your GSM SIM there's also a place to stick a microSD card, in case you need someplace to store that leaked copy of David Comes to Life. The iCON 461 comes in two versions: Mac-compatible with launch2net Premium for €179 (about $248), and Windows-friendly with uCan Connect for €149 (roughly $215).