A unique iPad stand for around the house and travel

Mel Martin
M. Martin|06.01.11

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Mel Martin
June 1st, 2011
A unique iPad stand for around the house and travel

I've been pretty frustrated with the iPad stands I've seen. The Apple Smart Cover is clever but leaves the back of the iPad unprotected. Some of the cases that double as stands tend to be a bit tippy, and if you try to type or actively use the screen, they just fall over. I like lots of options for the angle of the screen depending on where I am, but many of the cases don't give you all that many choices.

Enter the Prop 'n Go from Padded Spaces in Seattle. It's a thickly padded case with 14 different screen angles. It's available in Microsuede or what's called Air Mesh. The case is designed to provide excellent airflow, and no matter how you push on the case, it's simply not going to slide around or collapse. The model I tested, the US$49.95 standard setup, contains a pocket you can slip your iPad into or use to store accessories.

The accessory pocket is cleverly designed so your power cords, headphones and so on don't come in contact with your iPad. An upgraded case called the All-in-One ($59.95) includes a strap that turns the case into a backpack. A lite version of Prop 'n Go eliminates the internal storage and drops the cost to $39.95. The cases work with either model of the iPad and would store an e-reader, like a Kindle, if you don't use an iPad.

I reviewed the original iPad stand from Padded Spaces (called the Prop it Up) last year. I liked it a lot, but I thought it was too big. The current model is much smaller in width and designed to fit the iPad dimensions. I think this newer model is a decided improvement over an already good product.


There are a few negatives. The case is thick. It has a slight slope, so the height varies from two to three inches. Great for travel protection, but a bit bulky to just carry an iPad around or pack in luggage or a briefcase. Also, if you are moving your iPad and the case together, you have to be a bit careful as the iPad is not secured to the case. I'd really like to be able to grab the iPad and have the case come with it.

Despite my reservations, I think this is the premier case/stand to use with an iPad around the house. It's rock solid, it gives a variety of positions that are sure to work in your situation, and unlike a lot of stands, it's at home on a couch, a bed, or other soft surface. This is a well thought-out product that is going to make a lot of people happy who have been frustrated by other solutions.

If it were my product, I'd try to make the case slimmer, maybe even losing the sloping shape because the integrated stand lets you choose from many angles anyway. With some kind of strap to keep the iPad and the case together, this case would be an absolute home run. As it is now, I think it's already better than any solution I've seen for using an iPad around the house. Readers will have their own ideas, and I'd be happy to have you share them.

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