EVO 4G getting Gingerbread on June 6th (or Friday if you're impatient)

Well, this was inevitable. After Sprint's website snafu outing its Android 2.3 intentions for the EVO 4G, we've received evidence that points to June 6th as its release date. Better yet, if you're willing to manually check for its availability, you might even find a happy surprise this Friday. In addition to Gingerbread, users will find SMS and Gmail fixes, along with a tweak to the phone's power management software. Hopefully you've got WiMAX, because this update is coming over-the-air. Should everything go according to plan, users will have less than a week to say goodbye to Froyo. It's a trusty companion for sure, but that spicy aroma is quite enticing. Hit the break for some corroborating clues.

[Thanks, Tone Bone]

Update: It's official -- Sprint is now confirming the Android 2.3 release for June 6th (and Friday). Follow the source for the announcement.