Mindjet 9 for Mac due June 23, iPad/iPhone versions mid-June

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Mindjet 9 for Mac due June 23, iPad/iPhone versions mid-June

If you're a mind mapping maven, you'll be happy to know that one of the premiere apps in the market (more than 1.8 million paying customers), Mindjet, is moving forward to a new Mac version of MindManager.

Version 9 of MindManager is scheduled to ship on June 23, and will cost US$129 for upgrades or $249 for new licenses. It will add several new features, including a presentation mode, "quick entry" option, WYSIWIG printing, offline import/export for Office and iWork, dynamic content (schedules and Internet links), plus a project management mode adequate to light PM tasks.

We'll take a detailed look at MindManager Mac 9 when it gets closer to shipping, but there's another piece of the puzzle: mobile. Mindjet will be releasing separate iPad and iPhone apps ($8.99 and $6.99, respectively) right around mid-month. Both apps promise a best-in-class mind mapping tool on iOS, with Dropbox integration and MindManager desktop compatibility for round-tripping your maps.

If you're curious about mind mapping, check out Brett's previous coverage. The MindManager 9 Mac press release is below.

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Mindjet Announces MindManager Version 9 for Mac

New Features Help Mac Users Envision Their Best Ideas

San Francisco – June 1, 2011 - Mindjet®, the leading provider of business productivity
software and SaaS applications that visually connect ideas, information and people, announced
today the release of MindManager® Version 9 for Mac®. New and improved features help
users move seamlessly from initial brainstorm to creation of presentations and project plans.
Enhancements include new quick entry mode for brainstorming, powerful filtering capabilities
to aid prioritization, and new interactive slide show capabilities that let users organize ideas,
deliver dynamic presentations, and instantly incorporate feedback, all within the same visual

MindManager Version 9 for Mac can immediately be ordered for the upgrade price of $129
USD, or $249 USD for a new license, at
https://secure.mindjet.com/WebApp/catalog/catalog.aspx. MindManager Version 9 for Mac
will be generally available on June 23, 2011 in English, German, French, and Japanese language

Mindjet's latest Mac release, along with recently announced iPad and iPhone apps (see
separate release at: http://www.mindjet.com/press/releases/832), provide a complete suite of
information mapping products for Apple product enthusiasts.

Supporting information:

MindManager information maps let users quickly capture ideas and assemble them in
visual maps that combine the ease of a whiteboard with the flexibility of drag-and-drop
editing. Built-in tools for organizing, prioritizing, and scheduling, along with Apple
iWork® and Microsoft Office® integration, let Mac users quickly turn ideas,
requirements, and raw research into polished presentations and detailed project plans.
With over 1.8 million users, MindManager is the world's leading information mapping
solution for both businesses and individuals.
Unlike documents, presentations, and e-mail, which constrain you to working on one
page at a time, MindManager's visual information mapping lets business professionals
easily capture, organize, and communicate ideas and information, so you can organize
input from multiple sources, clarify thinking, develop meaningful project plans, structure
coherent strategies, and deliver compelling communications, all within a single
With MindManager Version 9 for Mac, users will be more organized, communicate more
effectively, and ensure project success.

o MindManager maps can be used as virtual whiteboards to easily capture ideas
and visually organize projects, presentations, and strategies.
 Facilitate brainstorming and collaborative problem solving.
 See the big picture and all the relevant details in a single dynamic view.
o MindManager is a single solution to both organize and present content in a
visual format that increases understanding and retention.
 Conduct engaging meetings and ensure participation by easily incorporating
feedback on the fly.
 Use interactive maps to selectively present the right level of detail for each
o MindManager enables users to successfully document all aspects of any project
and gain alignment from key stakeholders.
 Lay the foundation for successful project implementation by mapping out
tasks, resource assignments, and schedules.
 Enable efficient decision making by aggregating information into a central
map for easy review of all relevant details.

New Features of MindManager Version 9 for Mac

For current MindManager customers, MindManager Version 9 for Mac delivers new
capabilities to support brainstorming, via a quick text entry mode and presentations
with an interactive slide format.

A new user experience is established through more intuitive menu options, powerful
filtering capabilities, and new iconography, as well as noticeable performance

MindManager Version 9 for Mac introduces local integrations, enabling users to easily
export map content into Microsoft Office and Apple iWork applications without
connecting to the Internet.

Interactive Slide Presentations
o Present work in easy-to-follow slides. Pick and choose topics to present, adjust
their order, and control exactly how you want each branch to appear. Present
different levels of information to various audiences, without the inconvenience
of creating multiple versions. Ensure participation and alignment by
incorporating feedback as you present.

Quick Entry Mode
o Facilitate collaborative problem solving, capture stakeholder requirements, and
improve meeting management via "quick-entry" capture of ideas and
information. The ability to quickly enter input ensures that valuable ideas
generated in brainstorming sessions and other meetings gets documented and
retained for later organization, prioritization, and analysis.

Advanced Importing/Exporting
o Conveniently import and export content to and from existing MindManager
maps. Provides in-product compatibility with Microsoft Office Mac 2011 and
iWork applications, even when offline, thanks to integrated (local) import/export
o Import content from Microsoft® Word and Apple iWork Pages® to work with all
relevant data in a single visual environment.
o Create content and then export to Word, Pages, Keynote®, and various other

WYSIWYG Printing
o WYSIWYG® printing easily controls how maps are presented. Print the entire
map on a single page, including topic notes. Each slide that has been created can
also be printed, so you can print out exactly what is needed.

Enhanced Menus
o Formatting Tool bar – Users can now format text similar to how text formatting
is done in iWork Pages.
o Improved Inspector – Inspectors have been modified for improved usability and
users can also open multiple inspectors which improve overall efficiency.
o Improved Notes – Topic notes can now be formatted in-context of the notes
area rather than in the Inspector which should

Other Key Features:

Industry-Leading Information Visualization – Capture, organize, and work with ideas
and information in a wide variety of interactive visual formats, including information
maps, outlines, organization charts, tree diagrams, and more.
Project Planning and Task Management – Streamline the project planning process and
ensure visibility into all aspects of a project. Easily gather requirements and gain

stakeholder buy-in on strategies, schedules, and more. Assign and track priorities,
resources, and schedules to ensure project tasks stay on schedule.
Capture Content and Add Context – Easily capture stakeholder input, draw connections,
and reorder content. Use icons, tags, topic shapes, callouts, boundaries, colors, topic
sorting, and numbering to provide additional context. Add hyperlinks, attachments,
notes, and images to provide additional levels of detail.
Information Map Presentations – Communicate effectively to multiple audiences with
MindManager's interactive slide presentations. Easily tailor the level of details
presented for each audience and capture critical feedback right in the presentation.
Integration and Sharing – Save time with powerful integrations. Import from Microsoft
Word, Apple iWork Pages, and Freemind®. Export to Word, Pages, or Keynote for your
final output. Integrate with iChat® to send or receive maps during a chat session. Also,
share your maps via email, as web pages, images, or dynamic Adobe® PDF files.
Dynamic Content – Synchronize your relevant calendar items and contacts with
MindManager via dynamic Microsoft Entourage and Apple iCal®, and Address Book
dashboards. Bring the Internet into the map with a built-in web browser for in-context
search and research results.
Navigation, Viewing, and Printing Controls – Navigate and control the levels of details
displayed with powerful features like topic focus, show or hide branch, collapse map,
quick filter and select, and more. Automatically fit or balance your map within the
screen. Use WSYISYG printing of entire maps or selected sections.

Supporting Quotes:

Stuart Zola, Neuroscience PhD, Research Center Director: "I'm a brain scientist and
MindManager Version 9 for Mac works like your brain works. The product's new presentation
capabilities take me away from one-dimensional PowerPoint®'s, and allow me to quickly shift
focus between big-picture-thinking and detailed topic areas – a critical advantage whether
you're presenting strategic plans or focused insights."

Max Scheder-Bieschin, CFO, Berkeley Bionics®: "MindManager 9 for Mac bested my
expectations. It is a complete solution with new capabilities that make mapping more intuitive,
quicker, and more powerful than ever. With MindManager for Mac, I now have a business
productivity engine."

Howard Veit, President, Veit Consulting: "MindManager Version 9 for Mac makes ideas come
alive for my healthcare clients, so that we can put our best thinking and strategies into

immediate action. MindManager Version 9 for Mac, with new quick text entry, means that
these working sessions are now more productive than ever."

Chuck Frey, Mind Mapping Software Blog: "Mac users rejoice! Mindjet has heard your cries for
a version of MindManager that equals or exceeds the capabilities of its Windows counterpart.
MindManager 9 for Mac is a robust, feature-rich mapping solution that will delight Mac users."

Blaine Mathieu, Chief Products Officer, Mindjet: "From architectural improvements that
increase performance and speed to demanded-for features, like our new slideshow capabilities
that let your better control the output of your content, MindManager Version 9 for Mac is a
top-flight mapping application for the Mac users."

Blaine Mathieu, Chief Products Officer, Mindjet: "MindManager Version 9 for Mac is a
significant upgrade for Mac users with added communication and sharing capabilities, quick
information capture, new and improved templates. Faster and more robust performance
mapping has come to the Mac."


Supported Operating Systems:
Mac OS® X 10.6 or later

System Requirements:
Mac computer with an Intel® processor
733 MHz or greater (1.67 GHz or greater recommended)
512 MB of RAM (1 GB recommended)
100 MB disk space
1024 x 768 or greater

Additional Requirements for Certain Features:
Internet Connectivity
Adobe Acrobat ® Reader 9
Apple Keynote '08 and Pages '08
Microsoft Word '08 and PowerPoint '08

Pricing and Availability
MindManager 9 for Mac is available in four languages: English, German, French, and Japanese
and can be purchased through Mindjet.com for the upgrade price of $129 USD or as a new

license for $249. Customers who purchase MindManager 9 for Mac before June 22, 2011 will
receive Eltima™ Paintr™ for Mac bundled with their purchase.

Supporting Resources:

MindManager 9 for Mac:
 Download the MindManager 9 for Mac datasheet: http://mindjet.com/mac
 Watch a video of MindManager 9 for Mac in action: http://mindjet.com/mac
 See images of MindManager 9 for Mac: http://mindjet.com/mac

 Mindjet Blog: http://blog.mindjet.com/2011/05/mobile-strategy
 Mindjet on Facebook®: http://www.facebook.com/mindjet
 Mindjet on Twitter®: http://www.twitter.com/mindjet
 Mindjet on YouTube®: http://www.youtube.com/mindjet
 More Mindjet news: http://www.mindjet.com/press/reviews/overview

About Mindjet:
Mindjet provides business productivity software that helps business professionals visually
organize and act upon ideas, information and resources to drive productivity, team
effectiveness, and business innovation. Mindjet products include industry-leading visual
information mapping software and online services, as well as applications that incorporate
Mindjet's innovative visualization technology to improve the usability of leading business

Used by nearly 1.8 million users around the world and by business professionals in 45 of
BusinessWeek's® 50 "World's Most Innovative Companies," Mindjet solutions clarify thinking,
dramatically boost productivity, and increase team effectiveness for better informed decisions.
Mindjet is headquartered in San Francisco, California and has offices throughout the U.S.,
Europe, and Asia.

Mindjet products are available for free trial or purchase at
www.mindjet.com/products/overview and through an extensive partner network at

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Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
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