Next PlayBook to have 10-inch screen, 4G radio, and white color option?

A 10-inch followup to the BlackBerry PlayBook seemed inevitable and indeed, tidbits about a rumored larger-screen version are starting to flow fast and furious. N4BB, which recently managed to spy the 9900 before it was unveiled, is citing anonymous sources who claim it will have a thinner bezel, a SIM card slot, a white color option, and, like the soon-to-be upgraded 7-inch version, 4G / WiFi connectivity. What's more, these sources assure us this new PlayBook will have native email and calendar apps and be able to connect to BlackBerry Enterprise Server without the help of BlackBerry Bridge -- a confounding quirk on the current model. That's all well and good (and fairly realistic), though we'll just have to wait until that rumored holiday launch -- or a more unequivocal leak -- to see what RIM has up its sleeves.