Eden Eternal's closed beta kicks off -- and we've got keys! Keys! Keys!

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|06.02.11

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Eden Eternal's closed beta kicks off -- and we've got keys! Keys! Keys!
Are you lacking a heroic destiny in your life? Then Eden Eternal has something to sell to you: purpose! Saddle up your most trustworthy llama and get thee to the beta, ASAP.

As of today, the colorful MMO has moved into closed beta, and Aeria Games is celebrating by throwing a party to end all parties. Beta participants will enjoy exclusive rewards depending on how far they progress in the beta. These rewards include titles, a spiffy hat, and a magical alpaca pet. There will also be a host of daily events and ongoing contests in the Eden Eternal closed beta.

Of course, there's no reason making that pouty face if you didn't get in already -- we're here to help you out! Massively has 10,000 beta keys for the taking, so if you're interested, all you have to do is snag one on our giveaway page, then sign up and redeem it on Eden Eternal's beta page!

Demand for the beta is strong; just a few days ago we reported that Eden Eternal already had racked up over 100,000 applicants looking to give this game a go. You can check out several new screenshots below and a trailer highlighting the player towns feature after the jump!
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