Euro PSN gets massive update, PS Plus members get more freebies

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Euro PSN gets massive update, PS Plus members get more freebies
Just hours after the PlayStation Network Store went back online, Sony took to its European PlayStation blog to detail both what's coming in the first major update, as well as what European PS Plus subscribers will be receiving in the coming weeks. Beyond the already detailed "Welcome Back" content, SCEE says an extra 10 days will be added to the 60 already included in the Plus "Welcome Back" package, "due to the Store coming back a little later that we hoped."

Additionally, April's Plus content and deals are being extended for two extra weeks, meaning that if you missed a chance to download Premiere Manager at 50 percent off, there's still time! June's offers have yet to be revealed, but the post does promise Plus users a free copy of Burnout Paradise as part of the month's content offerings.

The "Spring Offers" deal for all PSN users has also been extended to June 8, a sale which was unavailable during the majority of its duration as a result of the month-long PSN outage. All PSN users can also snag a free copy of FIFA 11 Ultimate Team, a soccer management game from EA, for the time being.

And finally, the EU PlayStation Store has also received a massive update, the likes of which we've never seen before. Final Fantasy VI is totally on there, as is a mess of new Hyperdimension Neptunia content and ... well, you know what? We're going to simply point you to it rather than try to wade the flood.
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