7 Little Words offers great fluffy fun but not enough content

Recently, developer Christopher York pinged me and asked me to take a look at his latest offering, 7 Little Words. He's the developer who brought us the well-designed Moxie 2 last year. Being a word-aholic, I was happy to take a peek at this new title.

A freemium-styled game, 7 Little Words ropes you in with a sampler of 25 short word puzzles, which you can then upgrade to a paid set.

The game play is simple but engaging. The app splits seven words into component letters. It's up to you to recombine those words using the clue list. "Four score" is EI + GH + TY, six letters long. Some of the clues are a bit pop-culture-y and over-thirties may be at an advantage for these.

It's really easy to play in short spurts, and there are 25 free levels in total. The problem is that those levels go very quickly, and there's only a single premium upgrade set currently available for purchase, with more promised on the horizon.

I really enjoyed 7 Little Words -- I just wish there were more of it available for in-app purchase today.