Happy EVO 4G owners get Gingerbread update, right on schedule (updated)

Right on schedule, Sprint made Gingerbread available to any and all EVO 4G owners willing to check for the update manually (and if you're a fan of this site, we suspect you are). As a PSA, you won't just be getting Android 2.3, but also Gmail and SMS fixes, and a tweak for the phone's power management software. We've been getting a flood of tips from delighted readers in various markets who report the upgrade went smoothly. Can't be bothered to check for updates? You'll likely get a prompt to download it on Monday. So, Froyo, good night and good luck, and to everyone else, happy Friday!

Update: Many of you are reporting that the update rendered Netflix unusable. The company just tweeted that it's aware of the incompatibility and is "investigating" the issue. No word on a fix just yet.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]