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Leaked Sprint roadmap outs LG Optimus Slider and BlackBerry Torch 2, among others

Leaked carrier roadmaps are the closest thing we have to a crystal ball and can offer precious insight into upcoming devices and launches. Stumbling upon these lists isn't a common occurrence, and they can't be fully relied on since carriers tend to change their minds frequently, but the one shown here got our full attention. Among the highlights: the BlackBerry Torch 9850 Monaco, which is possibly a CDMA version of the Torch 9810 we previewed last week, is listed as a TBD release; the BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930 appears to be Sprint-bound on August 21; and the phone we've heard the least about thus far is the LG Optimus Slider LS700 (Gelato Q), most likely the successor to the Optimus S, prepping for a September launch. Several handsets are listed alongside dates for release, but we wouldn't take a lot of stock in the launch dates. Anything could happen in the coming months, and it's quite likely these are tentative dates the company hopes to hit so long as there aren't any hiccups along the way. Keep in mind that screen shots like this one can easily be faked, but the accurate prediction of the Motorola XPRT launch does make it slightly more believable. Scope out another shot after the break.