Champions Online comic series Issue 2 now live

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In Issue 1 of Champions Online's Comic Series 1, Aftershock, heroes were called to North Africa, where something had gone HORRIBLY WRONG. UNTIL's Camp Lantern base at the wreckage of the Temple of Nama had fallen off the grid, and it was up to the Champions to investigate. Finding the camp in a state of disarray and infiltrated by VIPER agents, our heroes barely escaped certain death at the hands of a large sortie of VIPER forces. Whatever's at work here, it's more powerful than even VIPER can trust, as VIPER's commander has ordered all his troops to be sealed into the fort's bunker to prevent its release. What is this arcane power? Will our heroes make it out alive? Or is this the end of our valiant Champions?

Well, it's time to find out! Cryptic Studios announced today that Issue 2 of its weekly Aftershock comic series has gone live. Issue 2 sends the heroes into the bunker in which UNTIL's Major Okonkwo and a handful of UNTIL soldiers are fighting for their very lives against VIPER and UNTIL troops possessed by some dark force. Their chances of survival are looking grimmer by the second. Will our heroes be able to rescue them in time, or will they too fall prey to the eldritch evil that inhabits the bodies of their enemies and former allies alike? Find out in Champions Online's Aftershock, Issue 2, Hang on!
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