Advertisement's new look is focused on streaming, cribs UI elements from connected TV apps

Do not be alarmed, your experience has been updated today "with a new look and feel to make it easier for you to find something to watch instantly." While the header introduced late last year remains and sticks on screen as you scroll vertically, box art of queued movies fills the screen horizontally. The redesign takes significant cues from the HTML5 UIs recently rolled out to most streaming devices, but it's not clear if this related to some of the queue shuffling we've been seeing recently. Responses on the Netflix blog have been mostly negative, although just like Facebook and Twitter revamps some complaints about any change are normal.

That said, we're not fans either because it still requires an additional click to find out if a movie is in HD or has subtitles, a misdirected click starts playing the wrong movie too easily and selecting "your queue" still takes us to our discs first instead of Watch Instantly. If the new front page isn't working there's always alternatives in Netflix queue managers like and FeedFliks, or any number of mobile apps. Let us know if you'll be riding with the redesign or hitting the back button in the comments here.