Dell Streak 10 Pro tablet to launch in China this summer, US may get it next year

John Thode, Dell's Vice President for mobile devices, has shared a Honeycomb-flavored snippet of his company's tablet roadmap with CNET. The 10-inch Android tablet that we saw at CES and suspected could be with us this month will indeed be making its debut in the summer, according to Thode, but its launch market will be China, not the US. He points to a number of "inhibitors and barriers to success" in Dell's homeland -- such as mobile carriers dictating pricing models that stifle the adoption of tablets and users being unaware of "what exactly Android is bringing" -- as the causes for Round Rock's atypical decision. The Streak 10 Pro, as it'll officially be known, comes with a Honeycomb-standard 1280 x 800 resolution screen, an edge-to-edge glass surface, two cameras (one of them reaching a 5 megapixel res), an SD card slot, a thickness of 12mm, and 1080p video playback capabilities courtesy of an unspecified NVIDIA Tegra dual-core processor. An additional dock will allow the 10 Pro to act as a USB host, while augmenting its connectivity with HDMI, Ethernet, and, obviously, a set of USB ports. The US may still get to enjoy this bounty of options, but we're told it won't happen until 2012. By which point we'll probably have a taste for fresher, icier versions of Android.

Update: Dell has confirmed all of the foregoing in a blog post.