iOS 5 imposes minor feature limitations on iPhone 3GS, 3G owners still bitter

The unveiling of iOS 5 at this year's WWDC keynote brought a wonderful feast of features, but it left us wondering if the iPhone 3GS would be updated with a few cards short of a full deck -- the same way the 3G was treated last year. Reports are starting to flow in from folks who've tested it, so let's get the bad news out of the way first: yes, some features are being withheld from the 3GS. The good news? They're much more minor than we feared. So far, it appears that full Twitter integration and notifications are included; the newsstand and App Store are also intact, as well as the Safari reading list and grid lines in the camera. The only things we see missing so far are the photo editing features in the camera and the tab bar in Safari. So breathe a deep and well-deserved sigh of relief, fans, because your iPhone 3GS isn't obsolete -- at least, not yet. The full walkthrough of iOS 5 on the 3GS is right after the break.