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Kudo Tsunoda doesn't tell us a thing about Windows 8 support for Kinect

Microsoft asked us to drop by at E3 to chat up a generically identified "Xbox executive," imagine our surprise when we found Kudo Tsunoda hiding behind door number six. Wearing his signature shades, Kudo gave us a brief primer on what makes Kinect great, or at least a heavy endorsement of Kinect Fun Labs. While we can certainly dig the bite-sized gadgetry Fun Labs has to offer, we like to dig deeper -- will the Kinect hardware ever be integrated into other devices? Any plans for Microsoft's 3D tracking camera and Windows 8? Kudo did his best to feed our ravenous appetite for answers.

It wasn't easy on poor Kudo, of course -- more than once we saw him glance longingly at his wrangler, a friendly PR rep keeping him from spilling the beans on anything too awesome. Probing about Windows 8 and Kinect produced one such look, and while our man very lightly suggested that Microsoft does more than games -- and that the dual-camera device might start showing up on other devices -- the big M had nothing to announce at that time. Kudo did go on to say, however, that we can expect to see new, innovative, "oh my gosh, I can't believe Kinect can do that" experiences at E3 year after year, citing this year's keynote for some recent examples. While we couldn't coax any leaks about Xbox or Kinect successors out of the man, it's good to see Microsoft's continued dedication to improving the platform.