Live from Microsoft's E3 2011 keynote!

With a Guinness World Record-selling peripheral in its pocket and a pretty popular console, too, we're not sure what to expect from Microsoft at E3 2011. That doesn't mean the company won't have some killer surprises, however, and that's why we're reporting live from the show. Will we see IPTV integration? Kinect finger-tracking? Support for Windows Phone 7 games? The handheld Xbox 360 you've been longing for? There's only one way to find out -- follow our live coverage right here at the times below.

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01:30AM - Tokyo (June 7th)

1:59PM And that's a wrap. Looking forward to controlling everything on Xbox with your voices this year?

1:58PM Holiday 2012.

1:58PM Halo 4.

1:57PM It's Master Chief!

1:57PM No, that stellar particle just turned into a beating heart.

1:57PM Space... the final frontier?

1:57PM "The dawn of a new trilogy for Xbox 360."

1:57PM We're wrapping up... one last reveal.

1:56PM Call of Duty downloadable content will hit Xbox 360 first, he says.

1:55PM Don Mattrick's back out -- he says Xbox Live will "change living room entertainment forever."

1:54PM It'll also bring simultaneous multiplayer dancing -- before, it was a dance-off where you had to swap out.

1:53PM "All songs from Dance Central 1 can be imported into Dance Central 2."

1:53PM Remember Dance Central? It's back! Dance Central 2, with voice control.

1:52PM The action starts when you say "Hike." The rest of what these guys are saying sounds like it's just friendly banter though.

1:51PM Time for some co-op football. You pick your play with your voice as well.

1:50PM It uses Kinect Voice too. "Change club," she says.

1:50PM She's swinging... and she's onto the fairway. Nice drive.

1:49PM Kinect Sports: Season Two. Football, Tennis, Skiing, Golf, Baseball...

1:48PM We're not sure how you'd submit your own Kinect apps, but hopefully that'll be self-evident when it hits the dashboard.

1:48PM Kinect Fun Labs goes live *today* for all Xbox LIVE members.

1:47PM In goes a stuffed animal with a gigantic tongue, and out comes a digital stuffed animal with a gigantic tongue. Can you use this created content in a game, though?

1:46PM Kinect Googly Eyes -- it's an object scanner.

1:46PM To be fair, he's only using one finger, but it looks like a neat diversion.

1:45PM He's drawing on a stereoscopic 3D picture, creating lines of light... just like a sparkler.

1:45PM Kinect Sparkler -- it does finger tracking! Did Microsoft figure out the sensor resolution issue?

1:44PM First up: Kinect Me -- you take a couple of pictures in different poses, and it captures your hair, facial features and clothing for a personalized avatar. Neat stuff!

1:43PM It's a Kinect community portal that'll be a "permanent addition to the Xbox Live dash," showing off fun Kinect hacks from both Microsoft and hackers like you.

1:42PM Kudo Tsunoda is up -- with Kinect Fun Labs.

1:42PM Tim is very happy he can make a game for his daughter. Microsoft is very happy that he's happy, because that game looks like a surefire winner for the 6-and-under (and their parents) crowd.

1:40PM In order to help the poor monster get a bit more light and feel better, they're grabbing glowbugs using the Kinect to control a pair of virtual hands.

1:39PM They have to act like the "scary monster," stomping and creeping about in order to make friends.

1:39PM There's a father-son pair of demonstrators using Kinect -- they're playing Cookie Monster and Elmo respectively.

1:38PM "Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster."

1:37PM It's a "living storybook full of monsters and friends."

1:37PM Tim Schafer from Double Fine, showing off Sesame Street.

1:37PM And... cut, right before a confrontation with a pair of Sith Lords.

1:37PM Hard to tell if we're looking at 1:1 saber swipes here, but the sword definitely comes down at the same side he swings.

1:36PM These Destroyer Droids are shielded, but he makes quick work. He ducks to zoom forward, jumps, dodges side to side, and waves his arms to slash back and forth with the saber.

1:35PM Two hands outstretched, our young demonstrator lifts a Droid Federation Tank with the power of Kinect. Err.. the force, we mean,

1:34PM We're about to get a live demo... two Jedi are being flown to a skyscraper platform covered with hapless battle droids.

1:34PM There's some space combat, too.

1:33PM Looks like it's actually a game now. Speeder bikes, Imperial walkers, Cloud City... and plenty of classic John Williams music.

1:32PM Kinect Star Wars! We've been wondering what happened to that game since Microsoft teased it last year.

1:32PM Costume characters are confirmed.

1:32PM "Available this holiday."

1:31PM Rather than a recreation of the Peter Pan ride, it's a Kinect Adventure kind of experience here, collecting golden Mickey coins by directing the avatar to fly through certain paths. Same for the Alice in Wonderland ride.

1:30PM Will Disney California Adventure be included? We have to know.

1:29PM It's a virtual tour of Disneyland -- the entire park.

1:29PM Kinect Disneyland Adventures, through a partnership with Disney.

1:28PM Microsoft says it's exclusive to Xbox 360. Guess they haven't read the news.

1:28PM Looks like Minecraft isn't an Xperia Play exclusive after all -- it's headed to Xbox 360 this winter with Kinect support!

1:27PM He summons a thunderbolt, raises his arm like Zeus, and throws it at a hapless goblin. Applause.

1:27PM He has a pair of target reticles, one for each ahdn, and can mix them together to cast more potent spells.

1:26PM Kinect at work! Our player is controlling the wagon in first person, holding the reins, casting spells with the wave of a hand.

1:25PM The gypsy, pursued by evil smoke monsters, asks the lad for a lift. Yep, I'd say so.

1:25PM A tiny CG insect escapes an owl... only to be squashed by a young lad riding a wagon. Is he our new hero?

1:24PM Peter Molyneux is up on stage, with "Fable: The Journey."

1:23PM October 11th.

1:23PM 16 player online multiplayer, 80 auto manufacturers signed up.

1:22PM Kinect Voice and headtracking confirmed.

1:22PM We're getting some in-game footage, according to the teaser.

1:21PM That is one sexy digital automobile.

1:21PM Forza 4.

1:21PM Halo: Combat Anniversary, coming out November 15th.

1:20PM It's a remake of the original Halo: Combat Evolved, with brand new graphics and new maps for Xbox LIVE.

1:20PM Halo! But not Halo 4.

1:19PM The title is Ryse, and according to that CG video, it looks like you'll be able to use Kinect for first-person melee combat.

1:19PM "This is Rome," says the exceptionally serious narrator.

1:17PM Next up: Crytek.

1:16PM Talk about mobile cover -- one of Marcus's teammates has a small battlemech with vulcan cannons on board, and Marcus can hide behind it.

1:16PM Even though we're looking at co-op, it's not split-screen.

1:15PM Near as we can tell, we're looking at the same game engine here as the last two titles -- there's plenty of action here, but graphics haven't really improved.

1:14PM Badass space marines are defending a structure from a giant creature ripping apart the walls.

1:13PM IceT in the house -- sounds like we might see some co-op gameplay.

1:12PM Epic Games's CliffyB is up on stage -- he says we're going to get a look at some of the campaign!

1:11PM First up... Gears of War 3.

1:11PM Phil Spencer says every single game we see from here on out is an Xbox 360 exclusive.

1:10PM Microsoft Studios is on stage... perhaps some first-party Kinect titles?

1:10PM We're watching people beat one another up, and you'll be able to do the same on Xbox LIVE!

1:08PM They're moving right on to the next segment -- a UFC announcement.

1:08PM How much will this cost? Microsoft hasn't said yet.

1:07PM Obligatory sizzle vid for the new service.

1:06PM Launching this fall.

1:06PM Looks like there'll be a TV listings interface and DVR settings!

1:06PM "I'm excited to announce that this is the year live television comes to Xbox 360."

1:06PM "Xbox: Live TV."

1:06PM So we're looking at a universal multimedia search here... nothing about the web yet.

1:05PM "Xbox: Bing Xmen" Games and movies come up in the same interface.

1:05PM "Xbox: Bing Lego." Up comes a slate of Lego based Xbox 360 games.

1:04PM "We're excited to announce that Bing is coming to Xbox. You say it, Xbox finds it."

1:04PM "How will you find the entertainment when you want it? Is there a better way?" Here's hoping!

1:04PM YouTube on Xbox LIVE.

1:03PM And yes, that does look just like a Metro UI-based menu.

1:03PM "Xbox: Music." "Xbox: Video." She says it, and the Xbox switches categories.

1:03PM The new Xbox experience... completely revamped for Kinect voice.

1:02PM "It begins by giving TV a new voice: yours."

1:02PM Microsoft's back out, talking up TV...

1:01PM "All future titles in the Tom Clancy franchise will leverage Kinect."

1:00PM It's like Iron Man -- he just says "Optimize for range" and the gun reconfigures itself, like that.

1:00PM Gunsmith is also voice controlled. Speaking "randomize" produced a random configuration.

12:59PM Showing off "Gunsmith" allowing players to customize weapons, down to the inner-parts. Neat!

5:57PM There'll be "even more" from Mass Effect 3 throughout the week. Now we're watching a new Tom Clancy game filling the screen with fancy visuals.

5:55PM "Liara, move up! Garris, move up!" Tactical team controls will also be available by voice, sweet.

5:54PM You can choose dialog options by saying them yourself.

5:54PM Mass Effect 3 will support Kinect voice controls.

12:50PM Madden, FIFA, Tiger Woods PGA Tour

12:50PM "Four EA Sports titles will have Kinect support in 2012."

12:49PM Peter Moore of EA Sports is on stage. No, we don't think he'll have a new tattoo.

12:49PM Tomb Raider's coming this fall.

12:49PM Quick time sequences abound, showing off scripted sequences where she has to claw her way up, avoiding captors. The graphics are pretty, but lower-res than you might expect. Jagged edges all around.

12:48PM The whole cavern is collapsing, stones and rubble falling all around, the walls closing in... she runs for dear life.

12:47PM Another puzzle of some sort. She's burning boxes that float down the stream just to show she can, then navigates a series of hanging platforms formed from scrap metal, and pushes a cart down a ramp to clear a path.

12:46PM Neck deep in a flooded cavern, the flames of her torch illuminate the ceiling.

12:45PM Now she's navigating a cavern with a torch she found. Gorgeous patterns of light and water play across the stone walls.

12:45PM Oooh, that's gotta hurt. She threw her swinging self bodily into a fire to burn her bindings, fell to the ground, and got partially impaled on a spike.

12:43PM Lara's looking mighty muddy, beaten and bruised... and she's hanging upside down. However will she escape? It's a puzzle sequence, that's how.

12:43PM Crystal Dynamics is out, with a new installment in the Tomb Raider franchise.

12:42PM New Kinect experiences, "more Xbox Live entertainment choices," and a new way to "enjoy television." (!)

12:42PM "This morning, we'll show you what's next on Xbox."

12:42PM "This is an incredible time for everyone who loves games and entertainment."

12:41PM Don Mattrick's out!

12:41PM November 8th.

12:41PM "It's truly humbling to be part of this game," says Glen of Sledgehammer.

12:40PM Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games are out. They're honored to work together, as you'd expect.

12:40PM And as the chopper lifts away, missiles fly towards the city.

5:39PM Woah, a pretty gorgeous set piece with speeding boats and explosions in every direction.

5:38PM The mission continues. Buttons are being pressed. Men are sounding really serious when they say "roger!"

12:33PM And they're out of the tunnel, navigating a naval battlefield from deep underwater. A dead body floats by.

12:32PM "Please reconnect controller" says the Xbox as we get bumped out to a menu. Funny.

12:31PM We've got a deep see diver burning through a grate... some covert ops going on here.

12:31PM Call of Duty time.

12:31PM The lights just dimmed... here we go!