Patch 4.2: Skarr and Karkin are hunters' newest pet taming challenges

Mathew McCurley
M. McCurley|06.09.11

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Patch 4.2: Skarr and Karkin are hunters' newest pet taming challenges
We've already previewed the first 8 new, rare hunter pet taming challenges that are coming in patch 4.2, but Blizzard was not yet done adding to the list! Two new hunter taming challenges have appeared on the PTR -- Skarr and Karkin.

Skarr is an obsidian black cat with glowing eyes and what appears to be a molten temper. He lives on some floating rocks beyond Fireplume Peak in the Molten Front and requires some tricky jumping to get in range to tame. Since flying mounts are not usable in the Molten Front, you had better put those Super Mario platforming skills to work. Skarr's attack start off weak but ramps up over time, so you had better get moving.

Karkin is a metallic-looking crab (I'm calling him the Ghostcrawler T-1000) who has a crazy frontal fire cone attack, warding off would-be tamers. His island is off of Skitterflame's Ledge, and once again, since there are no flying mounts in the Molten Front, you'll need to jump from rock to rock to get in range to tame. Don't get too close, however, or his nasty fire attack will quickly end your taming session.

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