Datamancer Steampunk Laptop now available for anachronistic pre-order

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We really hope you've haven't grown tired of Steampunk over the years. Over-saturated? Passé? Perhaps, but there's still something undeniably alluring about the blend of Victorian-era mechanics and modern technology. That's why, even three years after we first caught a glimpse of it, we're pretty psyched to hear that Datamancer's Steampunk Laptop is actually being made available for purchase. Detailed specs haven't been offered, we only know that it will feature "cutting-edge internal components," but we can tell you there are a bevy of customization options. You can choose everything from the wood stain color, to keyboard fonts, to etched brass lids or clockwork gears like the original design (except these will tick and turn). You can pre-order one now (at the source link) for $5,500 -- a healthy discount over the estimated price once production on these one-of-a-kind machines kicks in to gear ($7,500+). Now we just have to decide between food and rent, or a work of PC art.
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