Google Voice lets you change your digits, keep the old ones for $20

Remember when Google Voice assigned a number to your account with no option to port or integrate with Sprint? Oh how much simpler things were way back in Q1. When those new features first popped up, you were given a 90-day grace period to receive calls and texts to your old number after making a change. Now you can port, integrate, or just flat-out replace your number without sacrificing those old digits. After making the switch, head to the Settings tab in GV, then click "make permanent" within 90 days to keep the old number. You'll be billed for a one-time $20 "administration charge" (hey, computers need to get paid, too), but you'll forever be able to receive calls and texts sent to both, though outgoing calls and texts will only appear to be coming from the replacement -- so you'll still need to give your contacts a heads up after making the swap. We're always happy to see Google Voice add new features -- especially when they actually work -- so if you're ready to try your hand at phone number polygamy, get that credit card out and head over to GV.

[Thanks, Liam]