Puzzle Agent 2 cracks the case June 30

Justin McElroy
J. McElroy|06.10.11

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Puzzle Agent 2 cracks the case June 30
Most top-flight puzzle crackers are known for their speed, but the FBI's Nelson Tethers isn't like most puzzle crackers. In fact, he'll need until June 30 to put together the answer to his latest stumper: Puzzle Agent 2, coming to iPad, iPhone, Mac and PC from Telltale.

After a brief E3 demo of Tether's second case, we were left with a pretty darn clear message: The game's more of the same, although that's not necessarily bad.

Give us the market's largest commercially available magnifying lens and we still wouldn't be able to tell Puzzle Agent 1 and 2 apart by presentation alone. So if you've got a problem with the series' odd humor or slideshow animation, you won't see it fixed here.

However, if you were irritated by the tendency of puzzles in Scoggins, Minn. to repeat themselves, you'll be happy to hear that Telltale is including more puzzles with more variety this time around. Considering puzzle repetition was our biggest problem with Puzzle Agent 1, Tethers may have just found the solution for winning back our hearts.
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