Vizio's VTAB1008 tablet hits the FCC: your $349 slate now one step closer to shipping

Vizio hasn't had much to say about its tablet plans since it entered the fray at CES in January, but it looks like things are now starting to pick up again, and fast. We just got wind of a listing for a Vizio VTAB1008 tablet priced at just $349 in Walmart's system earlier this week, and now that same device has passed through the FCC -- which, if you place the two together, could well indicate that a launch may finally be imminent. Unfortunately, the FCC listing doesn't provide much in the way of details beyond the crude outline above and some expected specs (WiFi, Bluetooth and HDMI), but the agency has only been asked to hold back the confidential parts of the filing until August 30th, so we should at least know more by then at the latest.