$99 Etymotic mc2 earbuds claim market-beating noise isolation, full platform ambivalence

Etymotic specializes in putting inexpensive moving coil drivers inside noise-isolating buds that can, as an optional upgrade, be individually molded via the company's international "Custom-fit" program. Previous models have been iDevice only, at least in terms of their microphone function and button controls, but the new mc2 should also get along happily with Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, WebOS and Symbian smartphones and tablets. It's due for release by the end of the week for $99, which will buy you noise isolation up to a claimed market-beating 42dB, 8mm (0.3-inch) dual-magnet neodymium drivers, an all-important mic and an assortment of ear tips -- Custom-fit costs extra, and substantially so. Listen carefully and you might just hear the PR after the break squeaking for your attention.

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Etymotic Debuts mc2 Headset for BlackBerry, Android and Windows Mobile Devices

Now, Any Smartphone or Tablet User Can Enjoy Best-in-Class Sound Quality, Comfort and Noise Isolation

CHICAGO, June 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Etymotic Research (, an innovator in hearing wellness solutions and the inventor of in-ear technology, today announced the launch of the mc2 universal noise-isolating headset + earphones. Building on the success of the company's mc3 three-button headset for iPhone and iPod touch, the mc2 delivers the same high-accuracy sound, easy control and comfortable fit to users of any smartphone or tablet, including BlackBerry, Android and Windows Mobile devices. The mc2 is priced at $99 MSRP and will be available for purchase at InMotion, Microsoft stores,,, and other retailers in time for Father's Day.

Like all Etymotic headset and earphone products, the mc2 can be customized through the company's CUSTOM-FIT program for personalized earmolds that provide a perfect fit.

Etymotic's in-ear technology brings to all of the company's earphones and headsets the perfect balance of sound quality and hearing protection. The mc2 joins the company's well-received hf2 product, also engineered to work with non-Apple devices. Now, users of any device have a range of premium priced performance options for listening enjoyment
"The proliferation of new devices is driving demand for best-in-class sound solutions at all price points that work with any device," said Mark Karnes, managing director of consumer products at Etymotic. "With the mc2, we are bringing the highest level of sound accuracy, noise isolation, and control to the RIM, Android, and Windows Mobile operating systems to complement our long record of success developing products for Apple devices."

Etymotic's mc2 delivers a host of control and sound features to smartphone and tablet users, including:

• Highly accurate sound reproduction
• High noise isolation, up to 42 dB
• Best comfort, with CUSTOM-FIT option
• Accu·Chamber™ technology
• 8 mm dual-magnet moving coil driver
• Accu·Location™ omni-directional microphone with a universal multifunction control
• Two-year warranty

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