YouTube subtly adds HD preview images, logoless playback option

It ain't nearly as monumental as the day that YouTube actually started supporting high-def videos, but it'll certainly make those who routinely upload HD content a bit happier. We're talking about two new additions put forth by the YT team: HD preview images and a logoless playback option. Any new video uploaded to the site in a resolution of 480p or higher will have an HD preview image wherever the player is embedded, and we're told that preexisting HD videos will be updated "in the next few weeks." Moving right along, that pesky YouTube watermark (seen above) will be no more should you choose to nix it, but it's not as simple as just ticking a box; you'll need to add "?modestbranding=1" at the end of the video URL in order to make it disappear. So, celebratory drinks at noon?