HTC Desire tries to catch Gingerbread, can't keep up

Brian Heater
B. Heater|06.14.11

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HTC Desire tries to catch Gingerbread, can't keep up
After months attempting to bring the Desire up to speed with Android 2.3, HTC is throwing in the towel, and it doesn't have much more than a comments section full of disappointed handset owners to show for it. The UK branch of the phone manufacturer announced via its Facebook page that attempts to upgrade the Nexus One-esque smartphone to Gingerbread have proven fruitless, due to a lack of internal memory on the device. According to the company, the promised update just won't play nicely with its Sense UI. Those desiring less official methods can always check out the leaked 2.3.3 ROM. Everyone else will have to suffer through the Froyo brain freeze.

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