Huawei MediaPad debuts in weird, confusing video ad

There's a fine balance to be struck when you want to drum up interest in a device but not release too much information before its official launch. Huawei did that very nicely with its first MediaPad teaser image last week, showing us only the tablet lounging casually atop the desk of a surely sophisticated businessman. Today we've come across a followup video that also lets us peek the pad's rear -- which looks just about identical to the one on the company's Ideos S7 Pro -- but also confuses the hell out of us with its, erm, narrative. You'll have to just jump beyond the break and be befuddled with us. The MediaPad should get its proper launch in just under a week, on June 20th, though Huawei's Facebook page already shows an Android Honeycomb screenshot on it and our rough estimation from the video places the screen size at 7 inches. Not that we ever get to see it, cursed uninformative teasers!