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Samsung D600 leaks out as Conquer 4G, hints at Sprint release

Samsung D600 leaks out as Conquer 4G, hints at Sprint release
Brad Molen
Brad Molen|June 14, 2011 11:05 AM
That Samsung D600 we saw so sketchily detailed in the FCC? It's back, but this time with a name and face to go with it. Leaks are pinning this one down as the Conquer 4G, an entry-level Android phone that's possibly headed to the sub-$100 price range. While we find the name to be a bit odd for a device that would likely only 'conquer' the market for first-time smartphone buyers, we're liking the specs for the cost here: 1GHz CPU, 3.1 megapixel rear shooter with low-res front-facing sensor, and WiMax ready to go. Last -- and apparently the least -- the blasé 320 x 480 touchscreen (same resolution as the Replenish) is unfortunate but not unexpected. We still haven't been officially introduced to this leaked handset, so it's all hearsay until we see more confirmation of its existence. If it turns out to be correct, though, this could be a cost-effective alternative to monoliths like the Photon 4G. Another image after the break.

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